Jan Puylaert & Ilia Chidzey

Take inspiration for action from this novel about two brothers who use their heritage to plant trees all over the world there where we need them.


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Chacallonage on Lake Maggiore | sul Lago Maggiore

Simona Pirali, Maria Brovelli, Nicola Bacchetta, Philippe Le Scao

The charm and poetry of the Lake Maggiore seen from the lake: the surroundings, the lovely villages and all the good places to stay and eat.

Book with English and Italian text.

Also available as app. 


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The discovery of China

Jan van der Putten

The importance of China in the world is rising. This faction book shows China's intriguing culture in text and more than 400 illustrations. 

The discovery of China in the press: 'A golden book';  'Really super!!! ', 'A pleasure to read [...] very tempting [...] for children and adults'

Published in the Netherlands / Belgium. All other translation rights available. 

English translation of the first chapter available

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The little knights

Agostino Traini

An enchanting story about differences between being small or big - boredom and other challenges...

Agostino Traini is an  Italian illustrator and writer of many successful books. 

The king is unhappy because he and his knights have nothing to do. The dragons, the enemies and the monsters have all been defeated and killed. Then a witch will change their lives completely...

Published in Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. All other translation rights available.

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